I love YOU Mike <3

December 25, 2010
By DaniCalifornia19 BRONZE, Fort Plain, New York
DaniCalifornia19 BRONZE, Fort Plain, New York
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hen I see him my heart skips a beat my stomach aches my throat longs to say
the words that I want to but somethings stopping me but what? That when I think
about it and realize that I really do love this guy. That I feel a stronger
feeling then I have before. Know I can see why he controls my heart, how it
becomes excited when he's around how he is in most if my thoughts how can he
have this power on my body? Because I truly care about him and he truly cares
about me and that's the way it should be :) i have dreams about him and I on an
island laying on the beach looking up at the sky, watching the sun set on the
horizon. But as we watch we don't speak we know what each other is gonna say so
we just lay there listening to the crickets making a beat, and the blue jays
singing a song to the beat. What do I say to him to show him I care but suddenly
I remember I forgot about making dinner, as I turn to go he asks where I am
going? I tell him I forgot about dinner. Then he grabs me spins me around and
kisses me. This kiss wasn't like the others we had this one was different this
one felt warm to my cool lips. The way he had his hand around my waist felt
different too. Everything about this kiss felt different but not in a bad way
but a good way. His hand combing through my gently tangled hair and the way he
smiled. It was hypnotizing. Then I ran shouting back to him " Race you!" running
into the water. As I looked back I saw a beautiful man running after me. Not
just anyone but me I was the luckiest girl in the world then. He caught up and
playfully tackled me into the deep water. The water was deep though and I was
out of breath I suddenly found myself sinking and losing consioness. When I
awoke I was in the bed I looked around and didn't see him I got scared I started
to get up when the door opened it was him. My heart sighed with relief he was
okay. He walked to the side of the big bed and sprawled out but his head on my
chest. He goes to speak but I kiss him instead and I made sure this wasn't q
regular kiss but a powerful kiss that said " hey I really love you!". As I in
the middle of this kiss I hear an alarm I wake up and ache I longed for this
dream to come back. This dream I have about once a month but it seemed like
forever since I had it before. It started about a year ago the night Mike and I
had our 1 year anniversary, I thought this was the way my heart is trying to
telling me " Hey stupid you're in love!!" and when I think this I think yeah I
am in love.:)

The author's comments:
i wrote this and this guy and I. I had a dream one night and this story appeared there is more to this but I haven't finished. the names have been changed so the guy i wrote this about isn't named Mike

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