What's Happening???

December 23, 2010
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I dont know about this... Should I or not??? Okay... I did it, now I feel all funny. Why do I feel all funny inside? Maybe thats just the after affects!? Let's not worry about it, this is normal...

Somethig is in there I know it! Wait! Dont be so sure about it... But I haven't... Nah I just thinking it, lets give it a couple more days. Why am I having false alarms??? Maybe I'm just getting signs about whats going on... Wait... Another false alarm? Okay something is in there for sure I know it!!! NO!!! Wait... Maybe your body is playing games with your mind!?! Yay, thats what it is... It just your body... No need to worry about anything...

I'm hugry... But I just had a pop and something to eat!!! Why am I so hungry??? It's too eary for that stuff, isn't it?? Eww... Whats... O my gosh another false alarm!!! What does this mean? Am I? No, your body is just making more weird signs... Yay, thats what it is,it just weird stuff... Right???

I need to go in, but how will I explain it to her? She is gonna ask why I need to go in... I cant tell her why, she would kill me!!! I think I need to think about this and whats going on... Maybe I should wait another week or two so I know for sure... Wait what if its too late? Waiting that long I mean what if I truely am I mean pregnant? My world would change... I think it's time to stand up and start talking and asking questions I cant wait till its too late...

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