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December 22, 2010
Appreciate what you have while you still have it and long after it’s gone.

I remember the way she looked and the things she liked, her blue eyes, her curly reddish brownish blondish. How she loved watching Life Time movies with me and my sister some time my sister but mostly her and me. How she would record all of her shows on the D.V.R. and when we would try and record things she would say no because she wouldn’t let us because she was recording her own shows and it only lets you record a couple of shows at the same time. I love the strong, strong, strong smell of her perfume. It was so strong but I love it!

She loved America’s Top Model and Next Top Chef! It was so funny she would spend hours just eating and watching T.V. and never get fat. I love my mom and I love all the things she does also what she looked like, like her characteristics.

When my mom left that morning I woke up. I was spending the night at my aunt house. We had this long discussion about how it wasn’t any of our faults. But inside myself I felt like it was my fault. If I stayed home that night none of this crap would have happened.

After awhile I realized that it was a good thing that happened. If it never happened then my life would still be horrible. But in the end it wasn’t me fault. Two years ago she left.

I know that it is going to be better because my sister is staying with us more also I don’t have to take care of my brothers anymore. Also I know with all my heart that she is going to be better because she has been gone for so long and she cannot be with out us for that long ever again. She even said so her self.

The thing I feel most cheated of it the two years I have missed with out her!

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