A Misunderstood Hobby

December 21, 2010
The first time I played Bugle over a civil war battlefield was September of 2009.

In the beginning of September 2009 I started doing civil war reenactments which is just like any other hobby it is fun and expensive. You can learn many things from Civil War reenactments. Text books don’t give enough details about the Civil War. When you go to Civil War reenactments you can learn the details about the Civil War, because we wear the same type of clothes, use the same kind of guns, use the same kind of instruments, sleep in the same kind of tents, and we speak about things that would have happened back then.

Some people think that Civil War reenacting is stupid or geeky, but the truth is it is a good learning experience. When people call reenactments stupid they don’t understand what the reenactment represents. Also most people don’t know why they should go to or even join reenactments.

I and many other people have joined Civil War reenacting to preserve history and to have a little fun doing it to. If you don’t preserve history then you won’t know what happened in that time period and the same mistakes that happened in the past which is actually pretty stupid. If you preserve history then you aren’t as likely to make the same mistakes that were made in the past. To preserve history is to show people what it was like to live in that time period. To do that Civil War reenacters wear the same clothes, shoot the same guns, sleep in the same tents, and play the same instruments and every thing else that people would use or do in that time period.

Most of the time people want to know what battle we are doing. Well the truth is most of the time we do the small skirmishes or small battles that weren’t written about and that aren’t all that popular. These reenactments aren’t just about shooting guns or playing instruments. It’s about the learning experience. Like I said it is a better experience then in text books. What you learn at a Civil War reenactment is how people of that people would live, act, and talk.

So go out there with this information and either join a reenactment group or go watch a reenactment to help this misunderstood hobby preserve history. If you don’t preserve history stupid things can happen to start another Civil War or any other war. So go out there and do your part in preserving history. I know I have.

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