The Things A Teen Randomly Learns

December 20, 2010
Today I’ve learned that siblings will always be hard to live with. You would think that after living with the same people for 16 years dodging the younger kids’ tantrums and avoiding the parents when they’re aggravated would be easy, but it’s not. One thing I myself can never deal with is yelling, I feel my siblings’ pain if they get yelled at; I hate when anyone gets in trouble, but families can’t be one hundred percent perfect. Family can be hard to live with, but if you can’t handle them when things are down, you don’t deserve them when everything is going great.
Today I learned how to read staff music, which for me, is a pretty big deal. In 7th grade I was in a guitar class after receiving a guitar for my birthday. To be honest I sucked. I couldn’t understand what “face” meant, or what I was supposed to do when the teacher said “play B.” I felt dyslexic, all I saw was round balls at the end of straight lines on railroad tracks; it meant nothing to me. Something clicked today, the messages the staff music was trying to send me finally came through. I could look at one note and know what it meant. Persistence and having a lot of time on your hands brings results.
Today I’ve learned that a person can grow away from their friends. It’s been one year since I’ve seen two of my best friends; I met up with them today. What I find important and what they believe in are completely different. Some of what used to connect us, like our interests, had diminished. What are you supposed to do when you just don’t fit together anymore? I don’t want to lose any of my friendships, but I think life works in a way that breaks some of our bonds with people. Everything will not always be the same.
Today I learned that a triple round house kick is also called the “Dragons tail whip” in China. I learned that from a Disney channel show, pretty sad, I know. The way a person rotates and brings their leg up and around and back to their stance is fast and whip-like, very serpent like. In Kindergarten I was in Taekwondo for about a month. I thought I would be able to break a wooden log like a ninja at some point, but I couldn’t even attempt a kick without falling. I have great respect for those ninjas.

Today I learned that a crying child is best met with compassion rather than anger. I admit that I have been taught this before but another lesson on such matters isn’t frowned upon. My youngest sister was crying because our parents didn’t take her with them— this happens a lot but my sister still manages to cry every time. This time though, she was really crying. When my little sister really cries her eyes get red and puffy, small glistening tears stream down her soft pudgy cheeks, and her whole two-foot-tall body winds itself up into a miniature withering ball. I grabbed this depressed heap from the hardwood floor and cuddled her. I then took her to the back room and laid her on the soft bed and asked her if she needed anything. “I’m cold” was her only reply. After I set her favorite warm blanket on her I left and she fell fast asleep. If I would’ve yelled at her to shut up she would of cried for three hours then fell asleep, three hours of crying sounds impossible but trust me, it’s not. A little compassion goes a long way.

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