Grandpa Less

December 21, 2010
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I keep remembering how he loved tractors, how his dream of having a motorcycle came true, the way he would laugh when my brothers and I would crash sleds on our way down his hill on cold winter days.

He lived a good life had a caring wife beautiful kids and eight loving grandchildren. My favorite memories I had with my grandpa was when I was little the tractor rides round the yard, fun times in the pool, playing with his old dog B.J., and singing country songs on our way to old country hearts for the pancakes and bacon witch to grandpa were to die for. Living with out my grandpa is like having to be breath but your born without lungs.

He was the best he was the one I would run to when my brothers would make me cry, beat me up, or tease me. The one who would listen to a story and make and what an interesting story comment no matter what the story was about. The one who if you tell him any news he will always reply with “get outta town”. He was the man who had big dreams for me. He liked the fact I was athletic and at most times enthusiastic about school.

His favorite holiday was Christmas he loved having everyone together. Even though we would only spend Christmas Eve with him he still loved everyone being with him. My favorite Christmas was when we were all playing Mario brothers on the will. No matter how hard anyone tried they could never beat grandpa.

I never thought a disease like cancer could bring down the strongest man I know. When he was diagnosed with multiple tumors including one on the brain and at the same time diagnosed with lung cancer, I didn’t find out until a week later. I remember sitting in my room and just crying and crying. I love my grandpa less and I always will. We all thought he would make it through the tumors and the cancer. But he slowly went from a knight in shining armor to a skinny, pale, helpless, sick old man. And it was not a pleasant sight.

He was the one man who could fight any battle kind of like a warier. Be wounded but still fight. I never thought the day he was diagnosed and the day of his passing would come so quick and affect me so horribly. I remember the day I came in side from swimming with my cousin and I saw him with his feeding tube. I will never that day.
What I’m going to miss is the memories we have that we will never have again.

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