December 21, 2010
By Marissa Price BRONZE, Owego, New York
Marissa Price BRONZE, Owego, New York
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Sometimes I think I still hear his 4-wheeler going up and down my grandparent’s road (Stocks RD). Cody couldn’t really go anywhere without his 4-wheeler. He would take his 4-wheeler everywhere to like go to work of just to see family; he even took it to my parents wedding. His favorite kind of work is farming it runs in the blood. But what also runs in the blood is that he was so caring for the family even though he was a trouble maker.

He was creative in his own way. Cody loved hunting and being out in the woods especially with his nephew Jacob. Cody had 1 dream and it was to have his cabin on his own land with a pond out in the front yard out in the middle of nowhere. His other favorite things are monarch butterflies because they are so free and graceful. Monarchs were special because when he set them free he was set free from his past.

I really didn’t see him much but when I did he would talk to me first. If it was around hunting season he would always have to tell me what he shot that day or week. Cody had a very special personality and his way of being a redneck. He would always be the person to climb up the silos when know one else wanted to. His favorite holiday was Christmas when the whole family is together in the same place.

Almost every month had a girlfriend or a close friend as he would say. But know his brother is getting all the ladies and maybe starting a family. James already has a new house. Cody and James were better than brothers and friends they had there own relationship. They always road 4-wheelers together all the time. Now I bet you know what his hobby is.

When Cody died it made every one in the family depressed because he met more than anyone can know, and made jimmers grow up even faster, it was so depressing fro jimmers. It was to tragic for everyone. Losing Cody is like losing $100 and never finding it again .

Cody died in a farming accident on Milt Mead’s farm in a silo. He was crushed in between gears. My grand father was first on scene it was really hard for my grand father to handle. He quoted “I was the most horrible thing I have ever seen in my life.”

Who really knows what the future could have really brought for him. His future can been good or trouble .

The author's comments:
tis inspired me because my cuosin was to important to go die at an early age. I wrote thjis for the memory and love.

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