Tips for Teens

December 20, 2010
By Anonymous

This is for those
of you who have a hard time with your anger, depression, or expressing your feelings. That may come from your past. I’m no shrink and I’m not trying to tame your life. I’m writing from and about experience. I’m a teen and I know it is hard especially being a teen. When you are teen a lot of things change for good and bad, and for better and worse. You may like change, but me um-m, no way. Most people feel the same. Teenagers seem to like to do what they want, when they want to do it. Like me, I did not like rules. But everybody has to follow them, even our elders, meaning people older than us. Rules are important. But they also cause frustration, it’s a feeling and everybody has feelings. That’s just life. You don’t have to let your anger get to you or interfere with your life. I used to do that, let my feelings get to me, but there’s really no point. Some people go off when their mad (angry) and some people shut down. Those actions do not prosper in this generation. Going off and shutting down does not help, “trust me I know”. I used to have that problem I worked through it and I know you can. It is not hard; learn some coping skills, like music, or exercise “it works, try it”. You will feel better expressing your feelings in a healthy way, than an unhealthy way.

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