Don't Let Anybody Take Advantage of You

December 19, 2010
By Anonymous

An insecure push- over is the old me. I am working to reach my potential to be strong and confident. Up until 7th grade I had no courage and people would walk all over me. In trying to avoid confrontation, I would wind up getting hurt. Thanks to my dad’s wise words I’m a recovering follower, on my way to becoming a leader. My dad, Ronnie, has helped me spread my wings and taught me how to take charge of myself.

My dad and I have an exceptionally close bond. He’s not always my first choice to talk to, but when I’m stuck in a difficult situation he’s always there to bail me out with beneficial advice. My dad stands about 5’9 with dark brown hair and grey- blue eyes. He is a strong person and has dealt with an immense scale of things throughout his life. Ronnie knows what he wants and how to get it. He has a very confident persona and is indifferent to what people think about him. My father is stubborn, caring, witty, and clever. Having to grow up fast and living in a tough neighborhood in the Bronx molded him into a very strong person. He doesn’t let anybody take advantage of him or push him around. I look up to him because of that.
Aside from my father having a very powerful personality, he has accomplished a multiple amount of things throughout his life.
Growing up with nothing and creating his life into something valuable, is one major accomplishment of my dad’s. He grew up in the harsh, unpleasant Bronx. Him and his family lived in a small rundown apartment because his parents didn’t have very successful jobs and they had to support 11 kids. My dad started working when he was 12 years old and whatever money he made, he spent some on himself and gave some to his family. Unfortunately, some of his brothers got involved in drugs and tried to steal money and clothes from my dad. All of his hard work paid off because now he has a successful job and is able to support my family and me. I am proud of my dad that he took the high road and put his unfortunate past behind him. This has made a great impact on me because it shows me that with determination and hard work you can prosper. “I have never been out of work since I was 12 years old.” is what my dad once told me and I will never forget. My father has also accomplished many other things.
The one thing my dad has is a passion for was baseball. He played it day and night and from what I heard, he was an amazing and dedicated player. When he was in high school he got a letter to tryout to train with the New York Yankee’s. His father told him he couldn’t go because school was more important and he didn’t have enough money. I think that’s pretty phenomenal and he must have been so proud of himself. This has shown me that when you strive to do your best something amazing and unexpected can happen and to never give up. Aside from baseball, my dad is excellent at giving me advice to help me stand up to a few of my domineering friends.

I have always struggled to stand up to my friends and tell them how I really feel about something. My dad noticed this about me from early on in my life and was always telling me how to handle those situations and urging me to change my ways. I would always listen carefully to what he had to say, but he and I both knew I would never change. I made a new friend in 6th grade because we had many mutual friends. A couple months into our friendship I noticed she was starting to become very controlling, but I would never have the guts to stand up to her. We would get into so many fights but I would always let her win.
One day last year we got into a huge fight and she kept testing me and wouldn’t give up. After an hour that night, of bickering back and forth on the phone, I went into my kitchen and sat at the table. I was brainstorming ways to handle it, but I knew I wouldn’t have the courage to say what I really wanted to say and I didn’t want to sound nasty. My dad walked in and asked me what was wrong because anger was written all over my face. I explained everything that happened to him and he started going on and on about how I should end our friendship, stand up to her, not let her take advantage of me, put her in her place, and tell her that she doesn’t own me. My dad said that she is toxic in my life and is causing me to lose friends. He repeated himself about 20 times, but it was worth it, because for once I actually got the message. When we were done talking, I called up my friend to sort things out and I told her that I wanted to keep my distance because I didn’t have the nerve to tell her I didn’t want to be friends anymore. I felt like I lifted a big load of my back and I was immensely relieved. This is a very vivid memory to me and one of the many talks my dad has had with me relating to this topic. I was so ecstatic that I applied his advice and it changed me for the better. I now have a little more confidence and I feel freer to speak my mind.

I am very grateful to have my dad in my life because he’s always willing to help me when I’m stuck in rigid situations. He taught me how to believe in myself and stick up for myself. I was once an insecure, easy target, but with proper coaching from my dad and a determination to vanish my weakness, I now know the vital steps to take charge of myself. I admire him for all that he has done and still does in his life. I am still not fully a leader yet, but I am working hard on it. He showed me that what I have to say matters and stand up for what I believe in. I want to thank my dad for all that he has done for me.

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