So Andrew who, where are you? - MGMT's last show

December 19, 2010
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I’m a big fan of MGMT, an american band which recently ended their ‘Congratulations’ tour in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, an european country. But enough of Geography!
It was with great pleasure that I stayed in the 1st line, near Ben, a band member. I could see all of the others, I could feel the warmth of the crowd, trying to brake the coldness of the band.
In one hand, this amazing band suprised me: I started listening their music in order to get closer to a crush I had once before; however, I ended up liking it , but it was never a true “love”. But yesterday, when I was there, I could hear everything in a different way: the lyrics had new meanings, deep ones; the beat was delirious, stronger than ever. In songs like “Electric Feel”, “Kids”, “Weekend Wars” or “Time to Pretend”, the crowd just couldn’t stop jumping and singing as loud as they could. I felt like my heart was about to explode of extasy! For it to be perfect, a song had to be played, “Indie Rokkers”.
On the other hand, I was very disapointed, with me, the others, and the band. I understand they are tired, but they could have interacted so much more, not just doing the concert and then walking away thinking ‘it’s over’. Plus, and I am really disapointed with this one, a friend of mine should have met them, since a girl he knows promised him that he would be with the band (she knows them - #1 fan or whatever). Whether she forgot to talk to them or they didn’t do it because they couldn’t, it’s a lack of respect for a fan. I have always tried to be the reasonable fan - “Yeah he is cute but the music is what matters here” -, except with Anthony Kiedis, from Red Hot Chili Peppers (I know he’s too old for me but I he is so sexy!), and yesterday I couldn’t be that type of fan. I didn’t throw bras like some of them did, but I got really depressed when I found out Andrew was 27 years old and had a girlfriend of 18 (she’s from Ireland, adult and 2 years older than me). It’s not about them actually, it’s about comparing places: she had luck. Where is my luck? I know that happens one in a million but I want to be that one! I want to have such luck! So yeah, I’m still depressed, not because it’s freaking over and I’m home again, but because my life, although a great one, is extremely normal and limited. I’m not asking for a famous Andrew, I’m asking for a guy that can sing to me like he probably does when he is with her, a guy that tells me I’m the only one, and that he is grateful to his “fans”, because are a part of his life.
So, Andrew who, where are you?
Just to sum up, this whole weekend was the start of experiences that are yet to come, and I’ll be grateful for this a very long time.
Thank you MGMT, thank you dear friends and thank you God.

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