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December 19, 2010
By kaylynshaw GOLD, Centralia, Washington
kaylynshaw GOLD, Centralia, Washington
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Im going to tell you a anecdote about one of the experiences I have had. So, this had befall in seventh grade which is in junior high, and which was last
year. I had got a 1.6 gpa which is an D+ average, which is very bad because im very smart. For your understanding at California last year, and I had a
negitive aditude, and i was a cruel young lady. The only aced two classes, and which was in P.E and in typing class of course. My father had told me
"Do you want to live with your mother?" I had told my father "No", well i didnt think before i said which is just an outstanding skill. That had totally
broken my mom's heart because she wanted to know what she did wrong. Then close to the end of the school year, I had talked to my counselor and
my advisory teacher. They had gave me pro's and con's and had helped me make my decision, and I had chose to move to washington and live with
my mom. They had told me it was a better choice because if I move there I have a better chance ending up somewhere, and also I can grow up. That
had happend I had moved to Washington, which was a week after school ended. I had apologized to my mother because I didnt mean to scathe her
at all. Then I had to be the new girl again as an eighth grader, and let me tell you that was terrifying. I had came to school every day with a postive aditude,
and caring and respextful to everyone. Well let me say that isnt easy but, theyres a point where you need to stand up for yourself. I remember it was first
report card week, and I was very uneasy Because I was worried my grades werent good enough. In addition, I had inproved my grad point average from an
1.6 to 3.0 grade point average which is an B average. My mom and family ere very proud of me because they were suprised and so was I.

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