Thanksgiving Feast

December 19, 2010
By Anonymous

The mouth watering smell of a homemade Thanksgiving dinner fills the air. Every room in the house is intoxicated with this sensationally delicious thanksgiving aroma. When dinner is called upon, the shuffling footsteps of my famine family can be heard miles from the house. As we all are gathered around the long, rectangular oak wood table, covered in a crème colored cloth, a sudden warm, content feeling is felt. The lighting is dim to nothing. Although there are several lengthy candles lit, it is the presence of each other’s faces that light the dining room.

Once grace is said, the feast finally begins. Several long tables consist of various dishes; Italians do it big. No one cubic inch of table is left empty. In the center of the table is the large turkey. It is the size of four footballs, an awfully big, bulky, bird. Surrounding the turkey, like the planets orbiting the sun, are diverse dishes. There are several mountains of potatoes, fluffy marshmallow/sweet potatoes and grandma’s finest mashed potatoes. The pale colored mountains of rich, creamy deliciousness sit next to a sea of boiling gravy. There is also the stuffing. This dish assorted with various foods including: chopped meat, vegetables, and different spices. This delicious dinner is followed up by an even more delicious desert. Various chocolate covered fruits can be found. Two diverse sweet nesses mixed together, providing your taste buds with a mini shock of sugariness. The brownies are always superior. The brown, baked, batches have a hard chocolate shell on the outside and an overflow of chocolate in the inside; when a bite is taken from this dessert a waterfall of chocolate oozes into your mouth. But the true superstar of desserts is grandma’s fresh from the oven apple pies. The thick and crunchy bread, guards the sweet cinnamon syrup and apple custards on the inside.

This Thanksgiving dinner was sure to be a memorable one. The food was not the best part though. The best part was sharing not only a delicious dinner, but the whole night with the loving and good cooking family.

The author's comments:
It is a descriptive essay about my current Thanksgiving dinner.

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sammy said...
on Jan. 14 2015 at 5:43 pm
awesome description, seems like a book! well done!


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