Thanksgiving Dinner

December 19, 2010
By CassandraCourt BRONZE, Commack, New York
CassandraCourt BRONZE, Commack, New York
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The long dinner table is extended to its longest length, almost disguising itself to look like one you would see at a buffet. The table cloth with its vibrant yet soothing, green, brown, and gold embroidery drapes over the table perfectly with no wrinkle in sight as if it was ironed onto the table itself. The walls are a dark shade of green, the china cabinet contains thanksgiving decor that catch your eye and immediately draw you over to it. As you walk you see the wooden floors; the wood is a spectra of browns all blended together, over the wood is a glaze, shiny enough to look as if it was polished just seconds ago. As you move your eyes up there is the grand chandelier, gold with eight spots that contain candles, each with a red hot flame. Directly below the chandelier is the main course the turkey; seventeen pounds heavy and large enough to contain two bowling balls in its gut. The turkey has a shiny tint showing how moist it will be. Standing over the table the smells hits you as fast as an exploding air bag, the smells of: turkey, mash potatoes whipped and mashed to perfection, the sweet corn along with many vegetables almost creating a rainbow of colors. Beyond all of those foods our own family favorite because of our Polish heritage, you see long pieces of red and white caboose almost looking like snakes toppling over one another. As everyone begins to pile in the room one by one the empty seats begin to fill up with people of all ages. The lights get dimmed looking like the sun right before it sets. Everyone grabs hands and says grace, then, we chow down and eat until our stomachs our expanded twice the size they should be. Next is the dessert, all laid out with not much color except for colors of browns because of all the chocolate and coffee. The smell is none like any other: fresh cookies, freshly brewed coffee, and moist cakes joining together to create this warm and sweet aroma filling the house. When all is said and done the chairs become empty once again, we all kiss and say goodbye, the candles on the grand chandelier get blown out, and the table gets back to its regular size. Lastly the lights get turned off and we return to our rooms, stuffed as could be.

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