Her Haven of Happiness

December 17, 2010
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October, 29th was the first time I noticed Sharon was at the Chief Sealth vs. West Seattle football game. She walked through the crowd of people with a grin on her face, looking for her friends of her rival school in an ocean filled with people. She stuck a pom-pom under a baseball hat and wore it, posing for a picture. “She’s so silly” I thought to myself. I had heard of her before from mutual friends, but we had never met. The words happy and silly were synonymous with her name. That was the first time I noticed Sharon.

November 5th 2010, it was a chilly November Friday, and I was going to go to Steven’s; one of my closest friend’s birthday party. But it was also Anita’s birthday party too. So I thought that I would go to Anita’s party until around 6 and then I would go to Steven’s birthday afterwards. At around 4 we were just talking about random people when Sharon busts through the door dancing to the music. “She’s like an energizer bunny with ADHD” I snickered to myself. We had gotten to know each other, and she was insistent on having a footrest. She laid her feet on my legs and I laid my feet on her lap instead. I was playing with her feet and she showed me a bone that she had on the inside of her foot. I had that same bone. So we decided to be foot buddies. As the night carried on, I accidentally touched her knee and she shrieked like that of a horror film. She told me that she was extremely ticklish. So I tickled her again in that same spot. She grabbed my hand and didn’t let go. I thought that she just didn’t realize that she was holding my hand so I went to tickle her again. She grabbed my hand and held it. We gave each other a stare and both smiled. I tickled her one more time and she went to grab my hand but instead she hit her tooth on my knee. Holding her mouth, she yelled at me and told me that she was mad at me. I knew it was an empty threat; she had a grin on her face the whole time even though she was in pain. I had decided to attempt to make it up. Her happiness was contagious, my day wasn’t going well at all and she turned it around in a matter of minutes. That’s when I knew that she would be mine. We held each other for the rest of the night. The simplest things that she did made me smile. Talking about the most random things like potato chips and school. I ended up staying at Anita’s house for the rest of the night.

November, 23 a rare snow day in Seattle and I went to Anita’s to go meet Sharon, which practically lived at her house. We went outside to have a snowball fight with Chandler, Anita, Kevin, Sharon and I. Sharon was the last one out of the house and I surprised her with a snowball to her face. Instead of getting mad at the bitter cold snow melting on her face, she just shrugged it off with a laugh and hit me with a snowball as a response. After coming in from our snow fight we went downstairs to warm up. We were playing DJ Hero. Sharon’s skills were abysmal, but she was still having fun every time she got a combo, which shows her optimism and outlook on the little things.

Sharon is a very optimistic person, and she is hardly ever in a bad mood, which is something that is very admirable. I want her to be a part of my life forever and always, because her smile, her laugh, her happiness is contagious and you can see that throughout my anecdotes.

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