She Will Always Be There

December 17, 2010
By jourdanna_sav BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
jourdanna_sav BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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One, two, three knocks on the door, it slowly peaked open. In comes a face of olive skin.

“Jourdan, when you have a minute, can you come to my room?” I didn’t refuse; I finished my homework and made my way down the dark, un-lit hallway. My mind began to wonder. What was on her mind? Did I do something wrong? My thoughts got deeper and stronger as I picked up one foot after another and made it down the dingy, brown, carpet stairs.

The room was bright and inviting. The warm browns, festive reds, and autumn oranges made me feel more welcoming into Aunt Tammy’s room. The room was filled with the scent of vanilla and coffee and the lights were dim; like a Starbucks. Her face was relaxed, calm and gentle. As if nothing could ruin her day. Her brown eyes and lovely completion were shown beautifully as her hair was pulled back in a sophisticated bun. The words I was waiting to hear flowed from her mouth, “Lets talk.”

Aunt Tammy knew something had been on my mind. I wasn’t myself; the Jourdan she knew was missing. I never expressed my feelings to an aunt before. I needed to talk to someone and felt my mom would take everything to serious. I broke down, I was in my 1st official relationship and all of a sudden it fell. Aunt Tammy didn’t interrupt; she let me say what I had to say. I could see she had felt my pain before. Her eyes told me this. She let me get everything I had to say out before she voiced her opinion.

“I understand the way you feel, you’re never going to forget your 1st relationship or the 1st person you love, but you have to remember he won’t be the last. Your heart has been broken and you will break some hearts too” Aunt Tammy was good with words and never showed anger or pain in her speech. Her words stuck with me and remind me that I am TEENAGER.

This past summer was one of the hottest. What better way to spend it then at the beach? Aunt Tammy felt the same. We hurried to the car to get away from the sun. We drove with the top down, the warm air running through our hair, singing along to Beyonce’s-Diva. When we came to a stop in front of an Alki restaurant, we were filled with energy ready to talk and eat. Aunt Tammy loves spending time with her nieces. She has an ease with people that makes her easy to talk to. Lunch with her was never boring. Conversation kept going and nothing was ever weird.

I know that Aunt Tammy is someone I can always count on. She listens to me and understands how I feel even when I try to hide it. My family has always said that Aunt Tammy, my cousin L’eah and I are just alike. We understand each other and how we are. Aunt Tammy is someone I can tell everything and anything to, no matter what it is.

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An aunt that has been there for me always

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