Why Me?

November 29, 2010
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My life flashes before my eyes. I have a wonderful life, a beautiful family. How will I tell them I love them? I’m falling towards a bottomless black pit, it tries to claim me, but I’m to strong of a fighter. It seems as if this torturous ride will never end. The tracks are deafening and unpredictable. This flight of shocking surprises is endless. We are all being thrown around in our seats like lifeless toys. Flashes of light. My end is near, I’ve never told him he is ‘The One’ or that she’s changed my life, and he’s put me through hell. My mom, tries so hard and does all she can. My dad, always their to catch me when I fall. I close my eyes and let go. Wind blows my hair around viciously, slapping my face causing me to open my eyes and face this demon. It isn’t as bad as it seems, but I’ve spoken to soon. We slow while climbing the tall mountain of metal. I can see the top, but what goes up must come down. We finally reach the peak, and zoom down and around tall structures nearly taking my head off. My stomach fills with butterfly’s and a scream escapes my mouth. I catch myself wondering why they convinced me to bored this monstrous death trap. Sooner than expected the ride is over, and that is when I discovered my fear for roller coasters.

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