Wishes Don't Come True

November 28, 2010
By Jalesa2014 BRONZE, Hollywood, Florida
Jalesa2014 BRONZE, Hollywood, Florida
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Another story to warm the hearts and souls. It was late August almost time for the new school year and this was the first time high school experience. I was scared and happy at the same time, those mixed feelings confused me for a while but soon those feelings faded in a deep blue abyss. As the orientation was coming into a complete end we were heading for a long and painful tour of the whole school. We're heading up the first flight of stairs and as I was walking behind this person I think to myself " I know the back of that head". I tap the tall boy's shoulder and my heart is pounding like it was going to jump out of my throat and fall on the tiled hallway, thumping and gliding slowly on the floor.

That same person turned around and smiled from ear to ear. I hear, "Hi", a deep and manly voice that I didn't expect at all. Neither the less that face gave me many flash backs. I hugged him tightly like I haven't seen him in centuries. As the painful tour came to a shuddering end my feelings were reconstructing. After that day I could not stop thinking about him. At that time I was in a relationship but I forgot all about that guy and I was focusing really hard on my best friend. Days, minutes, and seconds were passing by as fast as a speeding car.

I remember that very night, it was the night before the first day of school, well me being nervous of seeing my best friend, my boyfriend and my long last friends. I was just brainstorming on what will possibly happen on the first day of school but as I fell asleep I forget all about the future. My grandmother came through my bedroom door and called my name. Knowing her she closed the door, as I moved slowly I picked up my glasses and in bright bold numbers the clock dotted 5:00 am. I just sighed deeply but I was happy because that same day was my 5 years with my best friend Tianna. She was going to another school so the only way to communicate was through the computer and my cellphone. I received a text saying " Happy 5 years !!" I smiled but i was nervous so I texted back "Ditto". As we took pictures and what not my heart was pounding hard.

As I opened the car door I'm ready to go to school. Not caring that I was a freshman or anything you thought on the first day of high school. I walked to the 9th grade buliding to see where my 1st class was and its Po5. Where the hell is that? I was lost in a school that was gigantic but I found my way and during that small journey I see Daniel. I hugged him and during that lovable moment he said "Hola Mijata". I said "Hey, where's your first hour ?"The reply was " Um.. Room 701."Oh", was my sad reply and we slowly drifted away from each other like the waves crashing down on the beach sand. I finally found the portable and as I walk into the room all eyes were staring at me like if I was the outcast. I saw some faces that I knew from middle school. The teacher saw my phone and said " Honey put that away."I just looked her and did what I was ordered to do.

The day went on and third hour came. I was quiet because I didn't know anyone in the room. I saw Daniel walk through that door and I was happy. Then at lunch I see my boyfriend and he asked me if I knew were this class was and I asked Daniel. He said "No." As I walked away me and my hubby were talking and I told him the truth and said I like another boy. We ended up breaking up but I wasn't phased by it. Sixth hour came and I saw Daniel going up the same floor, so as he was walking I stopped him and said " So I broke up with my bf and I just wanted to tell you I have feelings for you." He smiled and he took the words out my mouth and he said " I will think about it." We hugged goodbye and he attempted to kiss me on my forehead but he failed.

The following day my eye was on the look out for Daniel. Out of the corner of my eye Daniel was rIght there. So me being the loud mouth I shout his name and he comes torwards me. I say, " So...did you think bout it ?". Anxious for his reply I know that face he was making and it was the "I'm not interested your my best friend" and he said " Look your like a sister to me so...maybe we can try it out later in the year." From the look of my face I was mad but I was glad he was honest. After that day Daniel and I haven't been the same it's like I disgust him or I'm an embrassment to him. So I have decided to come clean and tell him that we need to take a week from each other and if it goes well then maybe we don't deserve to be the good friends we are. Almost I'm not going to forget all the things he has done to me in the past couple months.

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