This I Believe

November 27, 2010
By Anonymous

I believe that life is unfair. Countries are at war, while their residents suffer from starvation and disease. Children are born into a world where their family neglects them, or worse, into an abusive family. The number of kids in foster care rises each day: they bounce from one home to the next in a matter of weeks. This causes instability in shelter, education, and friends. Loved ones die, terrorists attack, fathers lose their jobs, mothers land in jail, and many other scenarios are daily complications for people all over the world. Some don’t see how lucky they are—life is taken for granted without us even noticing. My life is unfair compared to some people, but to others it may look like a blessing.

Ever since I first learned to walk, my parents have been separated. I don’t have any good memories of them together to this very day. I remember constant yelling and shoes darting through the room when I was younger. My sister and I have spent our lives traveling across the country between our parents. It was like they got turns with us; one would keep us for the summer in Indiana, then it was time to board the plane back to the other parent in Arizona. I was without a mom for the first ten years of my life, without a dad for the next five years, and now without both of them. I live with my aunt now and barely see either of my parents. I only see my dad once a year during the summer; and I see my mom about once a month for a short period of time. I wish they both tried to make more appearances in my life, but I know sometimes it doesn’t work out the way I want.

Additionally, I see my life as unfair because I wasn’t born into wealth. I never got spoiled as a child like most of my friends did, and I am not spoiled now. I’ve known the value of a dollar for my whole life. When I wanted something, I always had to work for it. I lost some of my childhood to this: I was forced to grow up faster. My life is unfair because I’ve taken the past seventeen years for granted: I continue to wish away my life. Now I see how much my life has flown by in what feels like a few minutes. Just thinking about being a senior next year downright terrifies me because I’m not ready to leave my friends behind, or jump into a college where I won’t see a familiar face. In other words, I don’t want to face the real world on my own, at least not yet.
I recently gave away a piece of myself that I can never get back to a guy who couldn’t care less. I was naïve and stupid, thinking it was going to be different with him. That’s where I was wrong; he didn’t care about me, he only used me for his own benefit. Now I don’t even want to look at him anymore, but I’m stuck seeing him everyday despite my feelings. Ever since that ugly day back in February, we haven’t been talking. I unintentionally allow people to use me. Not only is it guys, but some of my friends as well. I never feel like I’m good enough, so by following orders from others, I feel like I’m accepted.

I’ve been told that life is what you make it and everyone gets what they deserve, but the truth is life isn’t fair to a great number of people; Whether it’s an abusive relationship, life in a third world country, families being torn apart or even day to day depression. My life is unfair, but I’m still lucky and I fully accept it the way it is; even if I am jealous of those who have that perfect family with parents happily together. All in all, this I believe, that life is unfair to all in some way.

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