September 14th, 2010

December 17, 2010
By J.Knight117 BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
J.Knight117 BRONZE, Herndon, Virginia
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My heart raced, my eyes glued to the images that blurred across my vision. Only one more day, one more day. My excitement grows by the second. Tomorrow, all I need will come tomorrow.
The box arrived on my doorstep. Small and thin, but beholding so much that was now precious to me. I scooped the box up and cradled it to my chest, protecting it from any unseen harm.
As soon as I reach my room, I carefully unwrap the box. In the folds of paper and foam, it laid, safe and all mine. My hands trembled as I slowly lifted the plastic case from the wrappings; my heart began to race. Finally, oh finally, it was here.
The music began and the screen filled with images I had only imagined. My day-dreaming had not done it justice. Before me was perfection, nothing could compare. This game was beautiful.
My hands expertly worked the X-box controller, my counterpart on screen moved in unison. Even after six hours of playing, the game never got boring. At last the Covenant Cruiser was defeated and the final cut scene began.
All too soon I placed the controller down. Contentment and sadness filled me. After years of waiting, I had finished the game. It was over. The series was finished. Would the Spartans ever grace my TV screen again? Will Master Chief’s fate ever be told? A bitter sadness engulfed me. Was Halo really over?
The game box caught my attention. The Noble team stared back at me. I grabbed the box and gently held it. Bungie’s last Halo game. As I studied the case, small lettering caught my eye. The single word suddenly filled me with pure happiness; Multiplayer. The grey clouds of my short, crushing depression were swept away and the rays of hope shined bright. The campaign and story may be over, but I could continue to play anew.

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