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December 16, 2010
By yuridiaaa BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
yuridiaaa BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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As she walks by, all the boys stop and stare. She leaves them breathless, she has it all, cute face, little waist and the big behind. The boys jock her, while all the girls envy her.
She Left me breathless 3 years ago. She moved here from California in 7th grade. She was in my loud and crowded 3rd period, cooking with Ms. Mora. I noticed she was new to my class but didn’t put much attention to her until I got paired up with her. We had to work on a cultural project together. I introduced myself to her and as I spoke I said, “Hey my names Tahiry, are you new to Denny?” she answered “yeah I just moved here from California.” We didn’t speak much out of class though, until one of my friends started to like her. While we were in class I started to talk to her again, one day we were talking about lots of things and time went by like it was nothing. We didn’t finish our conversation because class was finished so I said “hey you should give me your number so we can text and keep talking.” She gave me her number and we would often text. Finally her and my friend ended up going out. I started to hang out with her a lot more in school. They broke up about a month into their relationship, yet I and she were closer than ever. It’s been three years that I’ve had her by my side and I don’t regret any moment I’ve spent with her. On the contrary, I regret the moments I haven’t shared with her. Her Smile brightens up any day. It’s so perfect, with those cute little dimples she has and her white teeth. She has the type of smile that blinds your eyes. During our three years of friendship we’ve only had one fight. It was our first and only fight, but also our biggest. We stopped talking for about a year. That year went by slowly and miserably. I missed having someone to share all my secrets and adventures with. I have never kept anything from her, I tell her everything I plan to do and everything I have done. I even explain it to her in detail. The worst part was that we were fighting over a huge miss-understanding. We made up right before my quinceanera. Having her with me on my quinceanera made it a whole lot better.

Janely has had a great impact in my life. She pushes me to keep going and see the bright side of life when I’m at my worst and no longer have the strength to keep going. She gives me the strength I need when I’m weak. She pushes me and inspires me to be someone one in life. She pushes me to do well in school and never give up. Honestly I’m not sure where I would be standing right now if I didn’t have her in my life. Everyone deserves to have a best friend like Janely. So perfect, someone who has it all. Beauty, Personality and sincerity. Too bad the best best-friend in the world is already taken by me.

The author's comments:
She's My Bestfriend, My Other Half My Ride or Die my Kullita. && i believe she deserves this and so much more for everything shes done for me

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