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December 16, 2010
By Anonymous

I believe in learning from mistakes because mistakes are something everyone deals with in their life. The only thing you can do is learn from the incident, so that next time you know what to do. It seems to me that most people make mistakes because of many things, love, school, peer pressure, and family. Of course those are the things that I have made mistakes from but I know many people can relate too. Mistakes are normal and I might get judged then but I will not when I show people I learned from it and became a better person because of it. Mistakes are here to make your life hell and mistakes are here to help you. In the eighteen years I have been living I have made enough mistakes where I could write a book about every single one. There is one that has not only changed my life, but it has changed my view on the people I care about everyone I walk by at school, work, and anywhere else where there are people. My biggest mistake that I learned from has to do with love.

My freshman year only three years ago I met a guy, not any guy but a guy that I would become close with his name was Daniel. We met through my best friend at the time that was dating him, and when I first saw him I knew that Daniel and I would be together. I was dating one of his friends at the time and we had relationship problems. Daniel and I would always text and see what we should do to make the problems stop. The only thing we knew what to do was to break up with them so the drama would end, so he broke up with my best friend and I broke up with his best friend. I remember the day he told me he liked me, I was at my house playing Transformers on my brothers Nintendo game cube. When he told me it was like nothing could go wrong. I was the happiest person in my life. Daniel and I dated for awhile then the happiness went away and then the bad problems came. My best friend found out that we had been dating yes, I did keep it a secret for about a month. We did eventually break up and he went back to my best friend for a little bit and of course they broke up and he came back to me. This continued till the end of my sophomore year, where my life would change forever. Towards the end of the summer almost a year into my relationship with Daniel he met another girl behind my back as some would say cheating. He had gone on a date with a girl to the movies, where all my friends were and he got caught and went into denial. We broke up and I went to California for the rest of the summer, for two weeks and when I was there all I could think about was Daniel, the only word I could use to describe myself then was, depressed. Then when I came back from California of course I dated Daniel. As your reading this I can already tell your thinking are you stupid? Why would you go back to someone who cheated on you? Yes I was stupid and thought I was in love.
Junior year started and it was two years into our relationship and again he cheated on me with a girl who I did not like I would say strongly disliked, her name was Alli. Of course after a few days of ignoring Daniel, we ended up dating again and yes I know your think why? But I thought I loved Daniel and that when he said he would never do it again. I did believe he loved me back and would never do it again. We had talked about me going to his school which was in a different city then I was already living in, and he said that he would love for me to go to his school and that after school we would do homework and hangout and that life would be good. He always said he wanted to look at colleges because senior year would end quicker then we would think. I immediately went to his school to apply and they had accepted my transfer. My parents told me that I would regret it in every way and like every teenager, I did not listen to my parents, the people who knew me best. Summer ended quickly and the school year was getting closer.
The first day of my senior year the year everyone was excited for, the last year of high school, it was supposed to be the year that everyone looks forward to. That applied to everyone, except me. This was the year I would go to a school of 450 students with freshman running around me, the year I would walk around and everyone would question who I was, the year I would walk into a class and introduce myself in front of a class of people who did not want to know who I was.
The first day I walked in was a orientation day with only new students and all incoming freshman, the only new student that was not a freshman was me and 3 other students. The night before the first day I was so excited, because I was going to be with my boyfriend who was friends with everyone, so I assumed with him being my boyfriend that it would be easier to make friends, I was wrong. The first day I got lost, and Daniel did not even care to help me, the only class we had together he made me sit alone, and to make it worse it was our lunch hour. Luckily, I met another new girl named Morgan that day and she had became my lunch buddy as we walked to the cafeteria we had all eyes on us, because we were new.
Two weeks had passed and Daniel and I had broken up and the first football game was just starting. Daniel was a runningback and I will not even bother to explain that because I know nothing. I had gone to his first game hoping that I could get Daniel to talk to me again. I saw his best friend Stephanie in the crowd and decided to sit next to her. She told me that Daniel was mad at me and probably will not talk to me anymore and then I realized that something was wrong, I just did not know what the problem was. The nights after the game Daniel and Stephanie had gone to a party and since then have been dating. As I had to walk passed them holding hands and in my head thinking that Daniel was mine and that the girl holding his hand should be me. I could not emotionally deal with the problems so I transferred back to my old school and started my senior year the way I should have.

The lesson I learned was not to let a guy take over my life. I will never transfer to a school unless I am being forced by my parents. I will never fall in love with the wrong guy, and I will not let girls get to me. I believe in learning from mistakes.

The author's comments:
This is from my passed experience, and I know I am not the only one who has had experience with this.

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