A Sight to Savor

December 16, 2010
By leemanchio BRONZE, Commack, New York
leemanchio BRONZE, Commack, New York
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It’s like a world without limits. Sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner is a memorable and festive evening. The table being the main event; we all gather around the masterpiece for such a meal. It only comes once a year and you’re sure to remember the delicacy of the meal. The chatter of my family and the smell of thanksgiving goodies give your heart a sensation of family love. The chairs around the table are high and mighty; the elongated table make the night more memorable. The walls wide and the room warm with a feeling of positive charisma. The silverware sparkly and magnificent with the matching platters, make the night even more fascinating.
The table is where everyone gathers. First, for the appetizers: sweet corn that you will savor forever, a fresh garden salad that gives you a rejuvenated feeling, as well as some fresh picked vegetables with my aunts favorite dips. We are an Italian family so we have a mix of everything. Pasta and fish are served together to remind us of our heritage. My aunt makes her pasta with a secret sauce: delicious is each bite. Shrimp and flounder are served lightly breaded. The lightly whipped mashed potatoes are brought out; and that is my favorite. The creamy texture and sweet gravy swirl on your taste buds and create unreal sensations. Now the mouthwatering and tender turkey is served; perfect; with each cut my mother passes out pieces of the beast. The turkey is the king of the table and nothing comes close to it. After that we enjoy the desserts. The apple, raspberry, and blueberry pies are served. Coffee and tea are served as well and I know the night is coming to an end. Lemon meringue pie is brought out which my grandparents enjoy the most. The room is quiet now and everyone smiles knowing it was another thanksgiving to remember.

The author's comments:
This piece is about how great holidays with my family are. Love and memories are fill the cozy room. I think this piece relfects one thing that resembles who I am and where I come from. Family is a major part in my life and enjoy spending time with the people who love me.

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