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December 13, 2010
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The people that can’t let go of the past. I am one of these people. It is hard to decide, to keep this object that I had since I was five. I want to get rid of it but, I have so many memories with it, my blanket. My blanket or silky is what I called it. It had a mix of colors, vibrant pink, yellow, greens, and some white. It had a pattern with those color in rows all the way though it. I chewed on the top right corner when I slept.

I kept it with me ever since my grandmother knitted it for me when I was five. The memories I had, like the time I was at my uncle’s house, and my cousin slammed a door on my head. My mother grabbed my blanket and drove as fast as possible to my uncle’s house. When my mom arrived, I was gushing blood from my forehead. She put me in the car with a rag, my blanket, and rushes me to the hospital. Everyone knows me at the ER, I am a normal customer. Getting prepped for stitches, with my blanket held tight, I didn’t feel a thing.

Every time I had nightmares, wounds, and fears my blanket was there to help me get through it. Everyone probably had a blanket or favorite stuff animal at one point. I might sound like a sissy by saying this but I still have that blanket of mine and I will never give it up. I am almost fifteen and I still have that blanket. I kept it because my grandma passed away when I was nine and I realized all the time and love she put into that blanket. So your love for something can put a very strong bound on that object. My love for my grandma and my memories made me keep my blanket. I am 15 and I am glad I didn’t get rid of my silky.

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