“In my life, I’ll love you more”

December 13, 2010
By Anonymous

It was November 30th, 2010. All two hundred and forty something seniors gathered in the Auxiliary Gym to practice our class song since we had to sing it for Father Daughter Banquet. We got in there and of course someone said, “Why do I have to practice this? I’m not even going to father daughter!” After hearing this, all I thought was “how could you say that? This is a time for our class to bond over something special and you’re complaining?” Well anyway, song practice starts and no one is really into singing the song. Halfhearted was an understatement, and disappointment was the main emotion I felt. I had been looking forward to singing this class song ever since I got the paper at Passing of the Colors our freshman year. From that time on, I had fallen head over heels in love with it and expected everyone else felt the same, but many of my classmates had not even heard of the song before, which completely shocked me. We started singing “there are places I remember…” and so on. After the first go round, Mrs. Elms critiqued us and said we sound dead and that we need to put some more enthusiasm into it so some of my classmates really try to be “enthusiastic” by screaming the song at the top of their lungs. This definitely did not help the situation at all considering Mrs. Elms was already annoyed with us. She then gave us a very angry disciplinary talk about how we needed to act like the real seniors we are instead of being sloppy, immature, disrespectful little girls. I took this as a big blow to our class because I honestly thought we were being good role models for the underclassmen. After she burst my bubble, song practice ended on a good note, and we were dismissed. This day definitely brought out lots of thoughts and feelings I had began thinking about during senior year and really made me scared, worried, and anxious about graduation. Questions like “what college will I go to? Will I make new friends? Where will I live? Am I really ready to move out? What scholarships will I get?” and many more ran through my brain. I instantly began freaking out about the future. This practice definitely caused me to realize all of the things I would miss about Mount Carmel and all of the decisions I would have to make.
One way this song has affected me is it has made me realize how much I am going to miss my friends next year because there really is “no one compared [to] [them].” All my incredibly close, funny, caring, dramatic friends I have made at Mount Carmel through the years have definitely changed me for the better. I cannot imagine a day without them, which is one huge reason I am scared about going to college. Being texted silly blonde jokes to keep me from crying when I am stressed, planning on going out and then realizing there really is not anything exciting to do, and having awesome plans and then having them fall apart at the last second are all things I will miss. I can not even remember all the awesome memories I have had with them through the years, but I sure will miss their faces.
“In my life” has also affected me because it has made me remember all of the friends I have lost contact with over the years since grammar school. Whenever I see them on the weekends, I feel like we are strangers. We always do the dramatic run and hug, but then we don’t really know what to talk about because there is so much to say we just don’t know where to start. I haven’t really hung out with my grammar school friends much at all since eighth grade graduation because majority of them went to Chapelle. They still talk to each other and have the same group of friends, where as I went to a different school, with very few people from my grammar school, and made new friends. They also have not matured much at all since grammar school and I feel like we are at different places in our lives. They are worried about the present, where as I am worried about the future. They do not think ahead and consider all of the college decisions they have to make, and for me, college is a topic that runs through my head constantly.
“There are places I remember” is the line that always, emotionally, gets me the most, one, just because it is the first line of the song, and two, because places in my past bring up so many memories. St. Mary Magdalen, Mike Miley, Kalie and Taylor’s house are just a few of the unforgettable places I will always remember. St. Mary Magdalen is my elementary school where I met all of my old friends, was captain of cheerleading, was baptized, received first Communion, and was confirmed. Needless to say, if anything ever happened to it, I would be beyond sad because I spent a good portion of my childhood there. Mike Miley is where I played basketball, softball, volleyball, and did cheerleading. This was a place for my friends and I to bond because we were on the same team on more than one occasion, and even when we weren’t, we cheered each other on from the sideline. I have not returned to Miley since I was about thirteen so going there now would bring up many emotions. Kalie and Taylor, the friends I have talked to the most since graduation, always used to invite me over to their house where we would have sleepovers, play school, dress up, jump on the trampoline, and make up cheerleading routines. Their house was always the best house to play at but we never knew why, and I still don’t think we do.
“In my life” has affected me in more ways that anyone could know because it makes me think about the past, present, and future. Friends I have now, friends I have lost contact with, and places where I spent my childhood are all topics my class song reminds me of. Though some of the feelings brought up by this song are sad, I will never forget them. Recently singing this song has made me thankful for all the people and places in my life that have shaped me into the person I am today.

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