December 13, 2010
We started out as innocent friends….such great ones too. Then we went further. We texted every day, made sure each other were ok, and just enjoyed each other’s company. We had soooo much fun together and we were both in drama. Things were going good….’were’ is the key word though.

We had so many good laughs in drama. There was this one time where we were doing non-verbal communication monologue scenes. (Hysterical!) Well, Brandon’s just so happened to be that he was going to meet his blind date and was nervous. So he gets ready to do it; I was on my way back upstairs from doing flags (by the way my name is Makaila) and just when I walked in everyone busted out laughing. I was like what happened? Brandon was laughing so hard but tried to say that I didn’t wana know. Well, duh! That made me wana know even more! So I asked our teacher and she explained that Brandon was having some issues getting into character and didn’t know whether or not he should be nervous, scared, happy, or what. Well, she proceeded to tell me that she told him to pick one and he had picked nervous; then she told him, ‘ok so you’re nervous about seeing you blind date; you don’t know what she looks like, whether she’s pretty or ugly, and GO!’ Apparently, I walked in right when she said go and he was about to walk then turned and looked at me. I was so embarrassed and blushed as red as my uniform. They all were claiming that I liked him (which at the time I didn’t because we were just friends) so I blamed it on my tendency to turn colors when I laugh really hard. Then he started calling me camelian which was a kinda cute nickname with an inside joke thing so I was cool with that.

Well, Christmas program came and I was into this senior who just so happened to be my husband in it. I was loving every moment of it; he called me ‘WIFEE’ and we were always jok’n and teas’n’ and just hav’n a blast. Right after the play though he deserted me completely. It hurt! And how in the world was I supposed to do the spring play with him again? I didn’t know what to do….One day I saw Brandon all bummed so I asked a friend for his number and texted him. He was really happy that I cared when apparently none of his other ‘friends’ did and that’s really how our friendship got underway.

That spring at the program….OH MY WORD!!! We had the BEST time ever. It was soooo much fun and he was so sweet and playful and gentlemen like. We had a research paper due the same week as the rehearsals during school; so, during our dinner break, I was writing instead of eating. He went over to my stuff, got my lunch box, pulled out my food, heated it up, brought it back and took my paper away from me, looked me in the eyes and said that I came before my paper and that I had to eat something before the performance. I was soooo touched and I probably blushed; he just smiled. The thing that really touched me was that he actually did and said something sweet to me without fear or saying it in front of his other friends! I sat there and ate and then finished my paper. The next night, he didn’t have anything so I shared my meal with him and for the whole week we sat together for meals. During the rehearsals backstage, we’d always goof off and have fun, not caring that others were there. It was a blast.

After the last performance when we were cleaning up the set till like 10, I was sweating so badly that I wore my grandpa’s hat. I brought it in because Brandon (well really his character) dies wearing a straw hat. Well, the entire night he kept messing with me and say’n I wana wear the hat! And I was all, no! My hair’s a mess I need it! And he was like sooo?!?!?! Then we’d both just laugh. He was one of my best friends. I loved him dearly.

Well, that summer he kinda lost his friends and all of mine were out of town and busy and what not. So we texted everyday from like 9am-12pm. We would just talk about random things and enjoy each other’s friendship. Well, stupid me, I let myself end up liking the guy and everything just went downhill from there. Basically my dad went online, read all of our texts, and grounded me from my phone and indirectly grounded me from him. I told him and then it was like he was afraid to speak or text me ever again! I hated it! Not that I got in trouble but that he was shunning me for it! So much for a best friend! Well, luckily but unluckily, he was going to a different school the next year. Duh I’d miss him and he’s not the greatest Christian and I was afraid of what would happen to him. We didn’t speak or see each other for the next four months.

All of sudden, I’m walking into youth group, through the parking lot and Jennifer’s lean’n’ on the post and shouts at the top of her lungs, ‘Makaila! Look!’ She points to the left; there stood Brandon. He immediately recognized me and smiled and shouted with a wave, ‘Hi Makaila!’ I dropped my jaw; here he was out of the shadows after four months acting as though he had just come last week. I didn’t know what to feel. Emotions were rushing through me the way water does when you swallow. The first thing I felt when I got close to him was anger so I punched him and walked away. He didn’t really smile or look angry as though he knew why I had done it. Then I got myself together and was feeling more nervous than anything. Here was my old ‘bo’ and we ended on such a bad note that I didn’t know how to go about things. After youth group I hung around for a little while and then after Heather had walked over to the truck I went up to him and said bye. I put my hand on his arm and said alright I gotta go. Not even a half hug, but he pulled me in for a full big o’l hug. It was so nice of him; and then he whispered in my ear-good to see you too. We pulled apart, I smiled and walked to me car as though I were on a cloud. The next day however he wouldn’t reply to a single text all day. What a hypocrite.

Then, a couple weeks later, he showed up at BlackOut! We had been texting for a while and I felt that things were going to be ok again. I sadly did not get a hug that time and did not get a reply the next day either so I texted him and told him that he was being a hyprocritical friend and that I didn’t know what to think of him anymore….

I honestly don’t know if I’m over him or if he’s one of those high school sweethearts you’ll always remember and love…guess we’ll find out huh?

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