The Downfall

December 13, 2010
By Anonymous

My Downfall.

Everything was perfect. We had it all I didn’t think anything or anyone could ruin it. One day my family and I were sitting down in the living room watching TV when my dad received a phone call, it was my uncle from Arizona he was crying and told my dad that my aunt his oldest sister had cancer, and there was no way to cure it.

Tears started to gush out of my dad’s eyes. Once he hung up my mom and I asked him what was going on, so then he told us what my uncle had told him. We all hurried to get the number of the hospital. When we got it we called right away. We got a hold of her, but the only one who got to talk to her was my mom. They finished talking, and my mom told us that she sounded fine and that everything was going to be ok.

As the days passed we all prayed for her to get better, but a few days later we received another phone call. It was my uncle again this time he told us that my aunt has gotten worse. He said that she didn't open her eyes or talk at all it was as if she was in a coma. Right then my dad told my mom and me to pack some clothes because we were leaving to Arizona right away. Once we got there we received some news from the doctor. He told us that my aunt would only last a few more days. The whole family cried we had never had something like this happen to a close family member.

A few more days later the phone rang. My mom answered it....... she had passed away. This led to our downfall. Nothing was the same anymore. My family was always together, but it was going to be different now on Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, and birthday parties and every day of our lives. The family was incomplete. How could there be such a thing "CANCER" I hated it. It caused my aunts death and I hoped no one would ever get it.

The author's comments:
this piece is something that really happened to me. I hope people that read this will get a feeling about reading this.

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