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December 12, 2010
By kaypalm BRONZE, Polo, Illinois
kaypalm BRONZE, Polo, Illinois
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My 7th grade year a new kid moved here, and since i had been such a people person, i wanted to be friends with him, of course. He was kind of shy, but i knew that i felt something for him, each and everyday my feelings became stronger and a started to like him, from what i thought, he was perfect. He was cute, funny, smart, athletic, the perfect guy. we started talking more, and at a jr. tackle football game him and another friend of mine came up and talked to me, and luke the friend that i knew asked for a hug, so i gave him one, then spencer ( the new kid) asked for one also, so i gave them both one, and spencer asked for my number and we started texting that night and to a typical texting conversation the whole "so" deal came up and i said who do you like, and he told me he liked me, i didn't know what to do but smile, i told him i liked him to, and then we actually started talking talking as in an item, then we talked all 7th grade year and i was stupid and went out with a 15 year old because i thought i'd be better off with someone older, which wasn't true. we still talked though, it didn't stop him from liking me.then he started to talk to another girl, and he told me he never cared about me, or never meant anything he had said. which put me into depresssion, i loved him. then we started school our 8th grade year, and he still was a jerk at the beginning of the year, and it all settled down and we talked again, and now were dating, and more perfect than ever, he's the one guy that my smile, and tears are both dedicated too. :) iloveyoussl. <3

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