Forgotten Memories

December 10, 2010
By alleypainter BRONZE, Cowpens, South Carolina
alleypainter BRONZE, Cowpens, South Carolina
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The roughest time in my whole life had all begun. When my mom went to jail. I’d of never ever thought this could have happened to someone like me where a great family; well at times. So what’d we do to deserve this? Nothing I guess, everything happens to make life have purpose. So she’s really gone forever; wow. I’ll miss the sight of her but beyond that what else is to miss?
Forgotten memories, I will miss when we were all together without you. I’ll regret this I truly miss you; the old you. Nothing but the good old mom who was half normal. The awkward conversations we tried to make. Trying counts doesn’t it. We were close until you ripped yourself away, from me. I’ll always say I miss you for I truly know that I love you. Bright red cheeks and forgotten pieces to the puzzled days of embarrassment; the embarrassment made me love you more then you may think. Yes, if only you were this way now.
I remember it was Wednesday I loved Wednesday’s church always with all of my best friends. I had gotten home late that night. But, while in the car we passed someone. Someone walking we weren’t paying much attention to the person walking.
Then I hear Shanna ask “Hey Alley isn’t that your mom?”
Thinking of what to say where they won’t be weirded out to my mom walking around the neighborhood at 10 pm at night.
“Oh yeah that is my mom she walks every night.”
Then I felt so bad having to lie to my friends truthfully know she doesn’t I didn’t know why she was walking. It didn’t really seem to matter its walking nothing major. But then I looked at her she was so drunk and scatter mouthed. She met Shanna’s mom drunker than drunk. How embarrassing!
Outside I’m talking to my mom; she’s cleaning her car of course. We’re talking about ROTC, one thing we can actually talk about and Mom’s just taking something out of her pocket. Yes it was a gun! My own mother met my best friend’s mother with a gun in her pocket. I’m so frustrated with her right now. I can’t believe she did this to us. Why?
Then it became even later we’re all still up eating dinner. I noticed my mom had been gone all day at my aunt’s house. She was in her jacket but, why? I wonder if it were an argument or she just needed advice from her sister. No, later I found out she had been fired from her job. This nice new big five bedroom house isn’t that nice to come home to when you’re wondering where the money for rent is. Oh yes, a big house of regret on each pillow you lie on at night. I noticed mom was going out she’s already drunk what’s the point?
So I’m just like “Hey mom where are you going?”
“I’m going out to the corner stripping club to earn some money.”
Completely speechless, I walk away anywhere away from her. Why would she do this? Does she regret it?
Thank gosh it’s finally Thursday morning; I’m getting ready for Ethan to come get me he can actually come. Its official he’s bringing the whole parade to cheer me up, Caroline and Phillip. The most thoughtful people in the world who’d come to help me feel better. I’d been up arguing with Pam half the night and helping my little sister Chelsey sleep it was past midnight. Then Pam said these words to me;
“Alley you need to be here for me and your sisters no more nonsense and always out with friends.” “Grow up!”

I regret it all the memories of the past, every family member taunting us. For what mom had done. Can’t you all see now at least she’s happy. Happy is amazing for her. I feel so awful for leaving her all alone, my sisters and I.
Now we live with dad.

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