My Road of Life

December 10, 2010
I walk through these shadows. Shadows of darkness my path of life is unknown to others. The road I see is the Roller Coaster to my feet. Each day, I go up and down. I wanna scream and get off but in reality I just can’t. Just feeling like I have no control on where I go. My plans? I move because I have to not because I won’t leave my everything behind. I don’t want to leave. I can’t feel like myself without having Eric with me every second of the day. But, each day with him makes me want to stay. Forever living in the moments we have together. Who am I without him? I’ve already lost my parents. They know not one thing about me. Sure we talk but, what is talking when it doesn’t go beyond Hey and I love you. The feelings I just wish I felt when I say I love you. They never come through to me it’s just three words that I feel I should say. I hope one day I do love you before its too late; then I’ll just miss you. I choose to be close to my friends, I’d have no one else without them. In the end there the reason I light up. Nothing else. I haven’t yet learned to catch myself when the sky above me is falling.

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