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November 24, 2010
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Your eyes held story's that you wanted me to share. Your heart held smiles that I would always feel. And your lips were mine, always letting me know the difference between misunderstood and real. So it's hard to let you go. You told me that your life wasn't always blue skys an sunny days. And if painted in a picture it would only be gray. But in your arms everything was made colorful again.
But I, we, us, together. It seems like you could never get over the past. And jealousy and neglect kept being pushed up in the bonds between you and I. No you were not only good for a f***, and feelings that were caught could be expressed as love. But that was then.
So we lived in the moment, But we loved in the past. Forcing us to make hard lefts
When I wish to go right
And I just want to stop
So now we're forced to try and understand it. Never even asking if we could truly handle it, to handle love.
Tears come when I see him
And memories come when I se her
But regardless we're thinking about each other
So maybe I cheat
So maybe I lie
Words were said that could be taken back with I'm sorrys. And when body's met and breaths were taken, hearts stopped and took noticed to what was.
No clothes were needed as the passion proceeded.
And there were no words to explain
But even now through the pain, as heartbreak takes way.
We still had love

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