Innocent Child

November 24, 2010
They were all piled on the couch. IN the condo. I sat in front of the fireplace, in the spotlight, facing everyone. I sleep third and fourth hour every day, Brit said. I stare at her, my chin nearly touching the floor. I've never slept in school; I don't wanna fail. Now it's everyone else's time to turn and stare, at me, their jaws dropping in surprise. Innocent child, Kelsey says.

They were all sitting by the table. At the other condo. I sat on the couch in teh spotlight, facing everyone. Conversations going wildly, Becca using words my virgin ears have never experienced before. What does that mean? Awe, baby Katie! Everyone trying to explain at once, losing me even more. Innocent child, Kelsey says.

They were all laying on the floor. In our condo. I sat in my chair, in the spotlight, facing everyone. Fingers going down all around me. Holding still two full hands up. Never have I ever... More fingers down. But not mine. Everyone look, Katie's still in! Salina says. Hold up you hands. I hold up all ten fingers. Innocent child, Kelsey says.

They were all fighting for beds. In the condo. I sleep on the stairs, out of the confusion, away from everyone. Seniors sleeping, naked mole rat running, juniors talking. Katie, where did you sleep last night? Taylor asks. On the floor. On the stairs. Why? Molly asks. I didn't want to take anyone's spot. Oh Katie! Innocent child, Kelsey says.

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