A Waste of Pure Beauty

December 9, 2010
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Her glimmering eyes, her perfect smile, her bright red lips, she catches every eye; the absolutely perfect girl. She could have any guy that she wanted; she got straight A’s and has already skipped two grades. Sense she’s so perfect other girls don’t get along with her. She only has guys crawling up her leg and following her; watching ever move she makes. She hates her life and no one can ever imagine why. She never speaks a word to anyone at school and she can’t walk down the halls with out a snare, glace, or despair directed toward her. She can’t live her life anymore, so she ended it with only a rope. Found hanging from her ceiling the most perfect girl you could ever put your eyes on. She took her own life because of hob snob cliques. She wasn’t accepted into the world and so she took herself out of it.
She wore pants that were too short, her hair always in a ponytail and so she was taunted and teased. She walked the edges of the playground with her head always down. She had no self-confidence and she had no friends. She wanted to be perfect and she had a dream and she stopped caring about what other people thought. Her confidence grew as so did her beauty. She got contacts and had beautiful luscious hair, but everyone know the old her. But the guys didn’t care they thought she was amazing and still she had no friends. She was little miss perfect and never did anything wrong. She went from the bottom to the top but she still wasn’t happy…
This girl was killed by the comment that a girl walking by said “Why don’t you just go die b**** no one likes you and you think your little miss perfect but your not!!! Please do the entire world a favor and just f****** disappear.”
That’s the same day that this 13 year old girl committed suicide. She wasn’t accepted into the world so she took herself out of it.

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helpless said...
Dec. 12, 2010 at 12:37 am
wow this is the second thing i have ever submited on teen ink and i wrote it just for fun... thanks again
blogger887 said...
Dec. 11, 2010 at 9:36 pm
I love this, im crying after reading this sometimes i just want to perish to but only one thing is holding me on.
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