December 9, 2010
Dad, I need you now more then ever, please don’t go!
I hoped that I would have had the time to get to know you.
I hoped that you would have had the time to help me, help me find out who I truly am
Who am I? I need to know. You would have the answer, I know you would, you always did.

Why did you leave me? Whenever I asked you too tell me where we were going, you said that we were going crazy…… well, now I am going crazy.
You were taken from me, why were you taken from me? Now all I have is your memory, the memory of a loving father, one that I will never get to know.
One day I got a call saying that you were gone, I didn’t know what to think.

Even though I didn’t know you well because you left me all alone.
I know I was never alone you were always thinking of me. Whenever you woke up, I was always thinking of you

I was going to call you, to tell you that I loved you, but I never got the chance.
You were taken from me.
I loved you but now I will never get the chance to tell you that.

I fell so alone, so unwanted but when I think of you I feel like you are watching over me. Taking care of me from beyond the grave.

You are now my guardian angel, one that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
I miss you dad! I will always miss you!
No one will ever make me believe otherwise.
What I mean to say is that I love you, I will always love you no matter what.

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