Nobody has a Perfect Life

December 8, 2010
By krd505 BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
krd505 BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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I wish I had a perfect life, but I guess everyone has a downfall in there life. When I was four years old my dad moved to a different state without telling anyone. I always wondered why I could never see him or talk to him. I also felt that maybe he didn’t love me or want anything to do with me.
My mother took care of my brother and I by herself. She always had a roof over our head, and we always had everything we needed. She struggled a lot, but as we got older we could help her more. Nor my dad or my brother’s dad would help my mom with anything. My mom had to work two jobs to support my brother and me.
As my brother and I are getting older we fight with my mom so much. We say bad comments to her, and mean swear words. Now that I think about it my brother and I are real selfish. I never realized that she did so much for us, that some single parents would have never did. I always say I am going to stop doing what I do to her, but sometimes I can’t control my anger. If I have bad days, it’s like I just take it out on my mom.
My brother now lives with his dad, and my dad moved back. I still feel like my dad wants nothing to do with me. He lives only five minutes from me, and I have to call him because he never calls me. I could be real sick or dying and he wouldn’t have any clue, he never checks on me. I am sure many teenagers have these problems, and feel as they are unwanted.
I wrote this to explain that everyone has a downfall in there life. If you feel that someone makes you feel unwanted, you can’t let them bring you down. It’s there lost that they won’t get to spend their life with you. You only get one chance to live, don’t let anything bring you down. Live life like it will end tomorrow.

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