Dear you

December 8, 2010
By Kyle Worthington BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
Kyle Worthington BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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Dear CeeCee,

Someone told me a story the other day. It was about two people and they were the best of friends. They both loved each other but one of was in love with the other. He was so very madly in love. She just…didn’t feel the same way. This made the boy crazy. He couldn’t take it. He ended the friend ship.
I took a lot from that story. Now, I’ve come to believe feelings always remain. But over time, the memories of those feelings begin to fade. They begin to have less control over us. But I keep pushing myself into you. It’s my fault I keep doing this to myself. How dare I, right? Sometimes though, the way you give me your attention…the way you say things, it seems you feel the same way. You constantly leave me wondering what is on your beautiful mind.
You are a metaphoric treasure. I treasure our friendship, even though I wish it was more than simplistic. You're a one of a kind, a unique gem that I find practically perfect in every way. I would never treat you like a possession because you are an intelligent, strong, independent, person who is just lucky to be blessed with the most lovely eyes, beautiful smile, and much more.

I’ve met a girl. She’s a lot like you. She’s…fun, optimistic, intelligent, lovely, open, and unafraid. Let me go. Tell me to leave. Cut me out. Cut me off. Off of you. Away from whatever “this” is. I’m not saying you’ll always be my greatest treasure. You won’t always be that. Time comes, things change...I guess you’re just a part of the background, a stroke in the dismal painting that is me. I love you.


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