As the Walls Crumble Down

December 7, 2010
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If you've had to pull that metaphorical knife from your back, then you know that betrayal is the deepest of all pains.That person that you trusted enough to let in your life, the one who passed so deep into your heart. You opened up the gates to the walls and battlements you raised so she could come in. She'd show you that there are joys in life despite the scars that remind you otherwise. She's the one that convinced you that you didn't have to be alone, and that all the pain didn't have to be yours solely to bare. Now as you wander the wreckage alone with tears in your eyes, and bandages on what will one day be just another scar... All the time you're wondering where she went. You ask why would she leave you alone with all your pain swelling within the fresh rubble. All the times she said "I love you" and you believed it. Was it true? What does it all mean? Why was it so easy for her to walk away and forget all the love she left behind. Yet you can't stop loving her no matter what you try. So again and again, over and over you sit there alone in the cold and rain letting all the discord run through your mind. But no matter how hard you try it doesn't make sense. If there is any possible justification too relieve you pain it just constantly alludes you. So now that you're alone again, you begin the task of rebuilding the walls and fortifications she toppled down. All you can say is not again... I won't lost lose my heart like that or allow myself to be hurt so deeply. But then again you've said that before haven't you? So ask you ask yourself....

What Now?

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