Wonderings of a dedicated cynic

December 7, 2010
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The truth is, I don’t put much faith in people.
You spend enough time watching, and you just might start to feel the same way. People are an exceptional form of life, and mostly (in my opinion), exceptional because we have the highest brain capacity on the planet, and yet, we cause the most damage. We use our consciousness, our ability to think things through, striving for betterment, yet somehow our forward progression, in technology, and any other field you can really name, leads to the production of products of convenience. All we can come to through our brilliance is ways to extend our laziness.
I heard someone say once that if you looked at earth from an aerial view, you would see the beautiful grassy plains, the elegant deserts, and the graceful rivers, pooling into lakes, and moving ever further onward, finally, majestically, becoming one with the large expanse of beautiful blue that we call the ocean.
And then your vision would cross LA. And it would be a growth on the world, a toxicity, in all reality, a cancer.
So what are we? I’ve never been able to be cynical enough to say that we are a virus of the planet earth, that we are here to just destroy, and eat up the resources, a vicious cycle that goes on and on until nothing remains, I’ve known to many amazing people for that. But if I look at it, and view those people I know, or have heard of, as anomalies of our species… I don’t know. Maybe we were put here to eat the cake, and go down in our own, man made flames.
You can call me cynical, you can really call me whatever you want I suppose, and you can definitely disagree with me, in fact, I hope you do. I want to be wrong, I would prefer that my views come from being sour, rather than from being enlightened to the truth of our existence. But I cant help but wonder….
Let me know what you think.
T.S Bronson

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