My great adventure

December 7, 2010
By storybook BRONZE, Madawaska, Maine
storybook BRONZE, Madawaska, Maine
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Here I am in these woods not alone but close to it all, I hear the trees getting blown back and fourth from the push of the wind. I hear a sound that startled me a chair saw “really”, that is not what I want to hear in the woods kind of not what I came here for.
As I think of things to write, I see a ant he was crawling just on my leg I looked at if for awhile it was in quite a hurry so I waked it off, because it was getting a little to close to going into the bottom of my pants. I started looking around at all the broken down branches and trees and everything they could have been. Who could of done this a, a squirrel…no, a human I guess so. Sometimes I just don’t know about them, they cut down the trees then leave them there like they cut them down because they wanted to. It must have been in their way when they were walking or something.

Ya, I found half of a milk jug. What did the guy who cut down the trees finish a jug of milk, then tore it in half then threw it there?

Soon I moved to find something more interesting then broken down trees. As I got up something caught my eye a purple flower in a bunch of green grass I picked it up, and then made sure there was no bugs on it by shaking it around a bit I passed and touched the grass it was so soft and a little wet against my fingers. Then I looked at the flower again it reminded me of home, because of some purple flowers near my house.
I heard some water so I went towards where I heard it, bringing my cute purple flower with me. I sat near a sign that was down on the grass where I saw the water. I watched the water thinking about how thirsty I was. Then a voice disturbed my thoughts it was Mrs. Madore saying we had to go. WOW what a great adventure!

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