Leap of Faith

December 2, 2010
By Hayden Lane BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Hayden Lane BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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What gets your adrenaline pumping, scares you to death, but at the same time makes you feel like you're on top of the world? It's something that most people are too scared to do. Bungee jumping! Even I was scared out of my mind to bungee jump, but I had the courage to take that one leap of faith.

There I was, standing in line, nerves eating away at me like a lion and its prey. I looked down to see the person ahead of me jump. As soon as I saw their body spiraling down with blood curdling screams, I looked away. A thought creeping in the back of my head kept telling me how foolish I was to jump off a bridge; how with one little snap the band could break sending me hurdling into the rapids of the river, never to be seen again.

"Are you ready?" the guide said bringing me back into reality with a shock.

After staring at him with a blank look on my face I was able to mutter two little words. "I guess."

The guide sat me down and wrapped a towel around my shins. He grabbed a few ropes and twisted them around my legs until they lost all feeling. I didn't listen as he told me what to do. The thought in the back of my head was now the only thing I could think of as I stood up and wobbled to the ledge. I was instructed to have my toes hanging over the edge as my breathing was getting heavier and heavier.

"This is it," I told myself. "Are you going to chicken out at the last minute, or are you going to do this."

"I'm gonna count down from five and on one you're going to jump," the guide said. I made the biggest mistake you could make while on the ledge, ready to jump; I looked down. The distance between the river and I was beyond scary, it was petrifying. It scared me to the bone as the chills crept up my spine and crippled my brain. "You can do this," I told myself. "Just jump on one."

"5...4...3...2...1..." Without hesitation I sprung from the ground, cutting through the air. I plummeted down towards the river like a falcon diving to catch its food. A sensational feeling took over as I beamed from ear to ear. A feeling like soaring through the air with no limits. Where floating in the sky is an everyday thing and where gravity doesn't exist. Where walking is outdated and hovering everywhere you need to go is the only way to get around.

Sadly, the world's greatest ride came to a halt, but I couldn't stop smiling. I did it. I actually went bungee jumping. I felt overjoyed as a feeling of pride rushed over me. On that day I realized that if I could do something like bungee jumping, then I could do anything. Nothing could tear me down from where I now stood. A confidence boost overcame me and now I know that I can do anything. Fear will never hold me back again, all because I took that one leap of faith.

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