Sophomore Year

December 2, 2010
By b1336dutton BRONZE, Ontario, California
b1336dutton BRONZE, Ontario, California
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Lately, she doesn’t speak. She is speechless. Sometimes she says sorry after an argument, but she never acts. Sometimes she looks up at sternness in my voice, and then she blames everything on me, blames everything on everyone else in her life. HE breaks down our best friend relationship with his presence. HE puts our relationship on the line to lie and manipulate. She gathers up random reasons from our past and throws them at me and pretends they are the reasons for our problems. She put her boyfriend before her best friend, puts the other one, me, on the side, with everyone else.

The light lay on his face and emphasized it, and in the moonlight, under the stars, his words flowed, I to only set stupid traps up for myself, romantic moments to appear there and show our commonalities for only a minute, conversations like arguments, happening constantly on many tense nights. And on his face at his mouth a grin showed, turning slowly upside down, dragging his disappointment across his face, not really giving up, but hoping and dragging out our conversation. His amazing smile finally slipped out, and our conversation changed, and friendship glistened in the distance.

The author's comments:
The first paragraph is about my ex best friend.
and the second is about my ex boyfriend.

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