December 1, 2010
As the days flow by slowly, I feel like a crazy beating drum mistakingly mixed in with an angelic symphony. The drum beat of my life, which revolves around impulsiveness and unpredictable moments. Banging loudly through the hard times and playing along with all the laughter, the drumbeat of my life plays louder every day.

My dreams and beliefs are a steady bass line. So deep and complicated, yet standing its ground and never changing.

A loud, difficult guitar riff is my personality. Though it seems ever changing, looking back you would find the same, deeper meaning that was there all along.

My past is a sad, lonely piano. Calmly playing through the sad, unconfidence of my life before I found my song. Almost a whole different tune altogether that slowly died by itself.

My future is the joyous and hopeful yell of a saxaphone. Dancing playfully along with the guitar and drum of my present.

Everyday, my song gets louder, crazier, and more alive than before, though it was real all along. Yet it also gets deeper, more mature, and complicated. For as I age, I learn to leave the broken piano behind and look forward to a louder saxaphone to play along with my crazy drum, complicated guitar, and deeper bass. My song will keep changing, but still keep on playing louder and louder until the day that I die.

For this is the song of my life.

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