November 30, 2010
By Anonymous

My name is Hannah im 14 years old and Im a freshman at north Forsyth. I remember when I just couldn’t wait to get into high school I was so excited! That was almost 5 months ago when I thought that, now high school is kicking my butt! I have no excuses for why because I know I was excited for all the wrong reasons.
I walked into my first day at north with a whole new look I had that long, beautiful hair that girls envied I had the perfect tan, a whole new wardrobe, and I never left my house unless I looked perfect, and to top it off I was already on the high school swim team cause I showed the coach my potential over the summer. Everything was perfect and I was ready to break some hearts I wanted girls to wish they were me and I wanted boys to have to stop and say ‘who is she?” Yeah I know a little self-centered don’t you think? I accomplished my task though I had a boyfriend like every week and weekends were dedicated to my friend’s and im pretty popular. Im not trying to brag I promise.
I had OK grades I was passing. Barley, but I was ok with that cause I had better things to do I didn’t really think about my future at all because I thought I had plenty of time till I had to cross that bridge man, was I wrong. I recently just got a wake up call. Ever since swim started im up at 5 every morning for practice im not complaining I love the exercise, but I have 15 min to take a shower and get dressed and ready for my day no more one hour of getting ready, no sir! I have to do my hair and makeup in the school bathroom with 5 other girls and there are only two mirrors I don’t know how we do it but we manage it.
The things that mattered to me at the beginning of year didn’t seem to be important any more I cut my hair, stopped wearing as much makeup, and I now mostly just wear clothes that are conferrable and easy to throw on.
My grades started to slip slowly, but I kept telling myself you got this but honestly I didn’t I started getting more and more lazy and more and more zeros.
Im currently failing 4 classes im busting my hinny to try to bring my grades up. It’s not looking so good right now but im not done trying. I don’t want to be kicked off my swim team and I don’t want to be a freshman aging once is enough. My college options aren’t looking good; my profession choice isn’t going to happen.
I know I have made mistakes and I take complete responsibility for my actions I wish I didn’t have to but I do. I just find it humorous that I couldn’t wait to grow up and I find myself feeling very idiotic for taking high school so lightly. No one needs to make the mistake I did.

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