The Watermelon Curse

November 30, 2010
By Anonymous

What does the word “cursed” mean to you? Do you picture a wicked witch brewing a sweltering hot caldron, or perhaps people dueling one another with their wands. I believe a curse, is something you can not get away from. There is no running or hiding from it. It sneaks up on you and stealthily haunts you from day to day. Well not too long ago, I was cursed. This curse is unlike anything that you have ever dreamed about or thought of. It is out of the blue, repetitive, and extremely embarrassing.

It was the last grocery to unload from the car. There is sat in the very back of the trunk, stubbornly sitting as if it were planted there and would not be removed without some difficulty. Through the dark green stripes that covered its body, I could faintly make out two creases that looked like eyes staring right into my very soul. Its mysterious smirk made me forget that I was in fact much stronger, bigger, and a lot smarter that it. As I stood there with sweat beading down my face from the typical summer weather of Arizona, I was immediately thrust back into real life, “Summer do you think you can handle that? I can take it for you if you want?” said my Mom helpfully “No” I said half heartedly, “I can do it”. As I said it, I knew straight away it was a mistake. How could an eight year old like me lift something as gigantic as that, I mean it looks to me like the monster that’s always haunted my dreams!

As I looked again into the back of the trunk, I filled myself with all the courage there was in me, stuck out my chest bravely, and hopped into the trunk. My sweaty hands met the sleek, rounded surface, and I began to panic. When I get into a panic, I think way too hard, which often gets me into a ton of trouble.

As my mind was swirling with thoughts of dread and horror, I cautiously lifted one leg after the other out of the car. When my bare feet met the steep, hot concrete, of my driveway I wobbled every so slightly, but soon balanced myself and turned to walk the other way towards the garage door.

Then “SPLAT”! The green boulder slipped from within my grasp and hit the driveway with an extreme force. My heart sunk several inches as the watermelon rapidly rolled with a, “PLUNK”, “PLUNK”, down, the mountainous driveway. As it rolled downward, I looked where there should have been a simple crack from the fall, but all that appeared was the same mysterious smirk. Except it wasn’t mysterious anymore, it was a triumphant smile, the smile you see jack-o-lanterns have on Halloween after they’ve just scared a little kid out of his wits.

Well the curse I have, which you may have already guessed, is the “Watermelon Curse”. The reason I know it’s a curse, and not just a one time thing, is because this same thing has happened several different times after this experience. Now you might think well this isn’t that embarrassing? Well when you have a family like mine, I would beg to differ, they like to tease me every chance they get! If I get even a foot away from the watermelon sitting on the counter, they quickly remind me, that that’s a watermelon I’m standing by and I should probably get away fast, before it cracks. So I guess what I’m trying to say is, next time you have to be the one to take in the watermelon from the car and you drop it, …you’ve been struck by the watermelon curse!

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