I See What He Sees

December 5, 2010
Looking through my brother's eyes,I realized that I could see what he saw.Images he saw reflected off his eyes,and I could see what he was seeing - his toys, his hands,the TV,etc.,everything a child likes to look at - but that was not all.From his eyes,I could also see the simplicity of a child, for he was still very young,and the joy he finds in playing.I felt that I could see into his mind,his soul,looking at all these things.Of course,I couldn't grasp everything that went on inside his head,but I could see the world as he saw it. My little brother saw the world simply,took pleasure in everything he saw,and attached himself to those that loved him.I then realized that I could do this to everybody.
I heard that the eye is the window to the soul.You can see into one's soul just by looking into that person's eyes,if you look closely.You can also see what kind of person someone is just by looking into his or her eyes.A person with hard,cold eyes is surely mean.A person with gentle eyes is usually kind and caring. Someone with a look of deep hurt in their eyes had surely been through a lot of pain.
A friend once told me that she could tell that I had seen a lot of pain by looking into my eyes. There's pain in my eyes,she said.I was suprised that she noticed this.I'm the kind of person that doesn't show emotions and feelings easily,and can keep them well hidden.This gave me the idea that no matter how well you keep your feelings hidden,they will show in your eyes no matter what.
BY looking into someone's eyes,you can see what that person is feeling,what kind of person he or she is,and maybe some of that person'a past.Eyes alone can tell a lot,maybe even more than what people themselves can tell.Every eye has a story to tell.So,by looking into someone's eyes,you can see the person's feelings, which gives you ideas about how the person sees the world.You can see what someone sees by looking into his or her eyes.

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ApriDionna said...
Dec. 8, 2010 at 9:50 am
This Was Nice & I Can Agree On Many Of Thee Things You Said. It Also Explained Your Personal Experience In A Interesting Way.
TheAsianHeather replied...
Dec. 8, 2010 at 9:24 pm
You agree with me?Awesome!
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