Good Day Turned Bad

November 25, 2010
By Anonymous

It was a stunning June afternoon, and summer had just begun! Stephanie, Devon and I were at a golf outing on a golf cart. We thought nothing could go wrong. The sky was crystal clear and not a sign of rain was going to come. As all three of us are watching the million dollar whole we were high on sugar. We had music, cell phones, and most importantly our sugar that we were hiding from our coach.
About two hours in to the golf outing it started to drizzle. The drizzling turned to a down pour. BEEP! BEEP! The sirens are going off. The green grass is now flooded with water and mud. The next hole over was our parents golfing so we decided to go by them and then head back to base to get out of the storm. I don’t know why in the world this is what we choose, but at the time it was the one of our best decisions. We are invincible teenagers nothing bad could happen to us.
All of a sudden Stephanie was driving up a hill, and my phone goes “You make me smile like the sun, fall out of bed singling like a bird, dizzy in my head spin like a record, crazy on a Sunday night.” I felt my body swing to the right almost sliding of Devon’s lap. I saw the mud squirting from under the tires. I heard the breaks squeak and noticed the beaks are stuck. Bam! I am fling through the air. I saw what was coming for me when I flew out the window. It was a strong massive grand stout with a leafy green top coming in my direction. I could not scream a single word. My breath was taken away from me. I was just not there no clue what was happening. It was an out of body experience. It was a bad dream that you wanted to end as soon as possible.

All of a sudden I woke up. Before I looked or felt anything on my body. I saw my best friend Devon lying in the mud crying from her elbows and her back. I was worried for her. She just got back surgery 6 months ago. I didn’t even care about my pain or what happened. Surely but slowly I got my sense of feeling back. I looked at my hand that gripped my cell phone with an open text message. It was the one person who can be anywhere in the world and know when something bad happened. It was Chris and the text message read this, “ALLIE BE CAREFUL ON THE GOLF CART AND PLEASE DON’T GET HURT. BECAREFUL ABOUT TREES AND CALL ME IF ANYTHING BAD HAPPENS. CHRIS”. I was going to respond, but I couldn’t. My head was throbbing and my leg. My leg was red!!! I hate blood and when I saw it I just wanted to cry, but I couldn’t. I started cracking up even though my whole leg was covered in blood. My foot was num and my head was throbbing and throbbing. I put my hand on my head and all I felt was a wood chip. Stephanie was crying and asking if we were alright.
In the corner of my eye, I saw my mom coming to the rescue like always. She put Devon and me on her golf cart to take us to the building. I couldn’t get on the golf cart. My left leg wouldn’t hold any weight. As my mom helped me on the golf cart, she was concerned like she was when I was younger. I couldn’t stop laughing though and all I wanted was to get the gross gooey blood off of me. I was scared to be on the golf cart again, but I had no choice.
When we finally got to the bathroom, there was my mom, Devon’s mom, and Mrs. Rinaldi with Devon and me. Of all people who came into the room was my boyfriend’s mom. It was so embarrassing. I did not want his mom to think of me like a klutz. I did not want her to tell Chris before I could. All I could do is laugh in this situation when she came over. I had to clean my cuts. I had a very hard time for the parents to clean it. Devon’s elbows were all scratched up and her white shorts were brown from the mud. Her mom took her in the shower to get Devon’s body clean. I was not muddy just damp and I only was injured in my left leg and foot. I had Band-Aids everywhere and a wrap on. After this experience I had no intrest to stay at the golf course, because everyone was staring even people I don’t know.
When I got home Dani was there to help me up stairs to change my clothes and put my leg up. Stephanie and Devon came over a few minutes later to watch movies. By the time of the first movie, we all feel asleep except Dani. I guess it was a big day for us with morning practice, a sugar rush, and the accident. Sooner or later Devon’s mom took Devon home and Stephanie drove herself home. I was awakened and my mom tells me she has to clean out my cuts again. I was tired and cold and told her go ahead.
All of a suddenly my leg was on fire. I wanted to cry for hours. My mom was calling me a baby. As I looked down whatever she put on my leg was crying white. As she noticed she put the wrong stuff on me I had to sit with my leg in a bath tub full of freezing water for hours. The doctor told us to peel the white stuff off. I just got freshly new cuts and now I was suppose to peel this substance that felt like cement on my leg. I could have my mom touch anything it hurt so bad. I had a cut on the side of my leg my knee, the worst cut on my shine that was super deep and two cuts on my foot.
At the end of three hours with my foot numb and me peeling stuff off my cut that I didn’t even want to me touched. I still had white stuff on my leg, but mostly everything was off so I decided to end the day. The next two days I still had white stuff on my leg that couldn’t come over. I have scars on every cut because of the white substance that was put on it.

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