Live Like We're Dying

November 23, 2010
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Life is something everybody takes for granted. Some people do dumb and stupid things while others just sit around and waste their lives away. Sadly I was in this category that is until after these events.

I woke up one summer day with absolutely no way of entertaining myself. All of my friends were either at camp or having fun with their families on vacation. There was absolutely nothing good to watch on tv and I already read all my books! I was hopeless. I just spent the day wondering around the house trying to busy myself. I was counting down he minutes-no seconds-till someone would save me from my endless boredom.

After awhile I couldn’t take it anymore and I went on the computer. Once I was online my eyes got wide and my jaw dropped when I saw who was online. My best friend, Erin, was online for Lord knows how long! I quickly sent her an IM:
Me: Heyyy!
Erin: Hi…
I instantly knew something was up.
Me: ok wat’s up? Ur not urself right now..
Erin: nothin..
Me: erin u can tell me
Erin: ok… aaliyah got in a car accident! She’s dying!
Aaliyah’s one of my closest friends and she used to be Erin’s too but something happened and they grew apart. It wasn’t the same between them after that.
Me: erin that’s not funny. I know u guys aren’t friends anymore but don’t joke like that
Erin: I’m serious! Her mom slid over ice and the car slid at an intersection and collided with another car. Oh temi, this is horrible. I’ve been so mean to her and now she’s dying. Idk what I’m gonna do! I was so mean.
“Oh my gosh…” I thought. As I started to realize that she was being serious my eyes got wide. The blood in my body went cold and my jaw went slack. My heart went into overdrive. My mind couldn’t even process what was happening. “This can’t happen! Not to Aaliyah!”
Me: it’s ok erin. Everythings gonna be alright

My mind was still in a jumble as I was going to bed. I knelt beside my bed and prayed furiously, hoping that my prayers would save Aaliyah. Sleep was definitely not going to happen that night. Erin’s words kept flashing in my mind and all I could keep thinking was, “What if it was me?”

It seems like my prayers worked because, Aaliyah got better. The doctors said it was a miracle. She’s back to playing basketball, soccer, and track, when the doctors thought she wouldn’t even be able to walk again. I never forget this day. I remember it because it reminds me to never take life for granted but to also live life to the fullest, because you never know which one will be your last.

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