My Sister

November 15, 2010
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Well to start you off I would like to ask you if you have ever had the most spontaneous person in your family? Well I do. To tell you the truth it can be very annoying because you never know when she will do things like climb up the tree.Or anything else that might be unexpected in your family.

Well, Before even getting to the things that my sister does I would like to introduce her to you. Well, she is a very CUTE(supposably) kid that can have her very spontaneous times and her cute looking times, which only happens when people come to visit only. She does all sorts of things like climb onto trees.Well, now that you kind of know how she is I think I should stop talking about her!!!!!!!

Now, my sister is no ordinary sister that someone would have. She can do things like go to the middle of the street and do back flips which can be very annoying sometimes. She can also go outside with just one sweater when it can be very freezing at times. This can make her get in trouble a lot. Some other things that she can do unexpected is stay after school (in her school that is)and not tell us where she is at.

Now, I would most likely think that you would already know her by me just telling you the unexpected things she does. Now, she can be very sweet at some points but at other times she can be very meanish. Now, would you wonder who can be spontaneous in your family?

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