El Salvador

November 19, 2010
It’s the only memory of El Salvador that survived this long. Unlike my sister I wasn’t blessed with a good memory. It was steaming, hot day, as all 365 days are like there. I must have been 3 years old. We were in the middle of a huge crowd, or maybe it just looked huge because I was little. Anyway we pushed through the tightly-knit crowd, into this big building. Outside I remember looking down at a light colored pavement, and the hoards of people pouring in. There were gigantic trees outside of the building that seemed to scrape at the sky.
Inside the building there was an alter in the front, and seats. The wall behind the stage was covered in little pieces of stained glass. All the glass was stained in green and blue; it was beautiful. It reminded me of twilight. Twilight trapped and kept in the walls of this church. Almost like shadows scattering on snow. There were so many people there. Making the room tighter and tighter and smaller and smaller and making it more and more crowded. I didn’t care or mind. All I wanted to do was stare at that gorgeous wall.
“Blue. There’s blue everywhere.” Blue being my favorite color at the time, I remember being pretty excited to see a room full of it. I was one of “those” feelings when a mix of curiosity and wondering make your mind and thoughts expand.
We took a seat directly in front of the alter. Little bits and pieces of conversations started to melt in like butter, in a language that isn’t familiar anymore. I remember knowing my grandma was there but never taking my eyes off the wall to look at her. Delicate blue green shadows casting off the walls were dancing with the sun’s movements, prancing and tapping against walls and people. Inside the building was cool, a dramatic change to the 100 degree heat outside. It almost felt like the way shade feels under trees, cool and comforting in a dim sort of way.
I remember thinking, “I like the colors and the feeling of this place.”
I could and still can’t explain it; it was cool and inviting, marvelous but not intimidating. This was perfect place for thinking, a calm cold paradise to get away from the heat of the tropical sun.
This memory really impacted me because, it’s the only memory of el Salvador (where I used to live) it was a beautiful place, but it’s a shame I don’t remember anything from El Salvador. So that’s why this memory really touches me.

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