My Story on to My Dream

November 10, 2010
By Reydel GOLD, Winchester, Idaho
Reydel GOLD, Winchester, Idaho
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Stop Dreamming and Start Thinking

A simple quiet and shy little girl enters the 7th grade. Un aware of the changes that faced her. With in that little year she discovered her self. This little girl was not quiet and she was not shy, and she loved to act. Her heart beated for the bright stage lights and stairing couds. The attentioin to grab someones eyes on to you was the greatest thing to her. Every year she was in atleast two plays. By the time she was in 9th grade Nova Talent had asked her to audition. They loved her and wanted her to come back and read a script, but it was nothing, but a scam. She felt so embarrassed, ashamed, failed. In one little momment all her hopes and dreams could be crushed. She's in 10th grade now and she has no dreams. She has no insperation. Shes quiet, and shy. She feels nothing. When she got the chance to talk to a real scout they looked right over her. She was so scared. Afraid maybe they were fake, or maybe there real and im about to mess it all up. And she did. When does this girl get her chance to exspress her self and show the world how great she really is and what she can do. Shes letting go of her dream...
I am letting go of my dream.

The author's comments:
This is a true story and it sounds like nothing but it still hurts weather you or I realize it or not.

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