High On Him

November 22, 2010
By RachaelRayLookAlike BRONZE, Fruitport, Michigan
RachaelRayLookAlike BRONZE, Fruitport, Michigan
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“Him, seriously?” I was usually told, “such a meathead.” Honestly, that may be true, but I was already far too deep to get out now. Not that I’d want to even if I had the chance. Some called him crazy, they may be right; some called me crazy, I couldn’t care less. I was helpless. Giving in, so innocently, into the cluster of teenage hormones.
The full-sized bed caved under our connected weight as we collapse, laughing from earlier foolish wrestling. He wraps his muscular arms around me, shielding myself from the world. Trying to get my attention, he manages to put his face in front of my stubborn one. That corny smirk, shaping his mouth. Those lips, such mysterious matter to my naïve mind.
“Have you ever been kissed?” he whispers, already knowing the answer. Everything halts. My ears take a second to digest that question. Before I can say anything, he leans in, closing the space in between our noses. Breaths too close for comfort. His soft lips then take over mine, speaking to them in a foreign language.
Young girls spend their time dreaming about how the feel of another’s lips would be like, controlling their own. Curious about the ‘spark’ of emotion that might pass between the two. Inexperienced, yet going along like a natural habit. Moist lips, new at first, keep you wanting more. Drugged eyes smile underneath closed eyelids. Arms, hesitant at first, soon wrap around his strong back. Two heartbeats, pulsing in rhythm to their own sweet melody.
I break away from him, unwillingly. Giddiness overtaking my brain, causing me to hazily laugh. I allow my lungs to inhale the air they loss during the kiss. My sweaty-palmed hand weaves to my mocha colored strand of hair to tuck it safely behind my ear. Blue, soft blankets swim in between the fingers of my left hand. His laundry soap scented shirt enters my nose, making me close my eyes. When his hand embraces my chin, trying for another kiss, I turn my head, making his lips crash against my right cheek. He grunts in protest, but then grins devilishly, “maybe later then.” A rosy shade of red engulfs my face, and his lips shape that corny smirk, once again. He lifts his weight off me, grabbing my hand and tugging me along with him until we are both perpendicular to the floor. My legs are unstable; my vision dazed.
I was put under a spell. One that makes you grin foolishly, blush excessively, feel dizzy, and makes your legs go numb. It’s and crazy thing, how it all works out; it gives you the high without the drug. So I guess that means we were high, high off each other.

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on Nov. 29 2010 at 10:45 am
angelicaangelrose GOLD, Gainesville, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
Hi you are now my friend lol jk.

I love this it sounds like a fairytale. i'm so happy it's real life for you :)


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